Providing bespoke community-based rehabilitation and performance services for Canine and Equestrian clientele in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe every human and animal has the right to be free from suffering. You, your horse or your pet may be at risk of developing it, or already experiencing it. Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, or just needs to perform well in competition, the most important thing is to keep them as free from further injury as possible. Not everything needs a surgical fix, but on the reverse side, the cause of symptoms emerging may not be clear initially to your Vet or Doctor. This is where you can utilise the profession of Physiotherapy.

Our Services


For ‘man’s best friend’ – whether it’s rehabilitation from Orthopaedic surgery, or performance analysis for competition – we can prove an old dog really can learn new tricks!


From lameness assessments, to managing long term conditions – we aim to ensure your horse is able to maximise its’ potential.


Whether its experiencing saddle slip, comments from judges at competition, or even pain when you ride. It can be hard to know how to rectify it, particularly if your horse has been cleared of injury. A Physio can assess you both in and out of the saddle.


What People Say

“Kay is so important in keeping our dogs fit, strong and injury free.”

Dive In Dog Agility & Hooper’s Trainer – Megan
January 2020

“Kay treated my New Forest Pony with fantastic results!”

Horse Owner and Dressage Rider – Michelle
November 2019


Events and Seminars

The Dog Sport Warm Up & Cool Down Seminar on the 29th February was a success!

Upcoming events in planning:

– Canine Strength and Conditioning: Home Exercises

– Canine Massage for Owners

– Exercises for Horse Riders (Part 1): Out of the Saddle

– Exercises for Horse Riders (Part 2): In the Saddle

If you think Physiotherapy may be of help to you or your pet – get in touch to discuss what we may be able to offer you.