Referral and Consent Forms

This page has the relevant documents you may need to start your journey with Odyssey Physiotherapy. Secondary to the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) – it highlights that no physiotherapy treatment can be completed on an animal without the verbal or written consent of a qualified Veterinary Surgeon/Consultant.

If you would like performance physiotherapy or management of a long-term condition – the CONSENT FORM is the best option for you. As it is unlikely your Vet will feel the need for you to have a consultation with them first. Often you will just be able to drop this at your Vets’ reception, and it will be signed for you. This will be collected from you on your first physiotherapy appointment and kept on file.

If you would like physiotherapy for rehabilitation of an injury, post-surgery or complex conditions – the REFERRAL FORM is the best option for you, as it will enable your Vet to specify what they feel physiotherapy would be helpful for. As well as giving any details of completed or ongoing investigations and treatment. Whether or not your Vet feels they need a consultation with you beforehand will depend entirely on their preference. Once this form is completed please attach and email it to Odyssey so that we can establish and advise on how soon, or how often you may benefit from treatment.

Follow this link for further information on legislation regarding the provision of Physiotherapy in Animals.

Please select, download and print one of the forms below

Download Consent Form

Download Referral Form

Let’s start your journey.

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