Horse Riders

Taking the pain out of riding…

“Is it me? Or the horse?” – Find out.

Saddle slip? Stiffness on one rein? Lacking clear transitions? If your horse has been cleared of injury or pain, there is a chance it actually could be you! Horses are very forgiving and effective at aiming to compensate for whoever they have onboard. Everything you are asking of the horse is communicated via: body language, mood, pelvic floor control, flexibility, rein contact, leg contact, seat contact.. the list goes on! When something has changed, and isn’t resolving in a small number of weeks, consider a Physiotherapy assessment to not only watch and analyse your horses’ movement, but also what happens when you are riding. You may already know that it is you, and that you’ve been struggling on with any multitude of ailments, but you couldn’t bare to give up riding… and why should you! Whether its your riding position, saddle, strength or pain – a Physiotherapy assessment can help to source exercises you can either do as part of your riding, or those than you can do in the privacy of your home!

If you notice any of the following signs during or after you ride – get in touch:

  • Difficulty mounting
  • Taking longer for you to feel warmed up
  • Pain when riding
  • Cramp when riding
  • Saddle slip
  • Feel as though you’re struggling to ‘sync’ with your horse
  • Poor riding position – slouched or poor stirrup contact
  • Pain after riding
  • Heavy contact from your horse through the reins
  • Never quite recovered from an injury from a previous fall or accident
  • The horse only misbehaves when you’re on board – but is fine with other riders

Strength and Conditioning

With experience in the healthcare industry, after assessment, you will have clinically-reasoned, personalised exercises that are specific to your goals, current level of mobility, strength and ability to incorporate into your daily routine.

Flexibility and Control

Depending on your sports or interest, the importance of a combination of both flexibility, as well as control is crucial for reducing injury or joint stiffness. This is partly why more and more professional sportsman integrate Pilates, Yoga and stretches into their weekly routines.

Understanding and Managing Pain

Certain conditions and injuries cannot be cured – and science is still trying to understand pain in its entirety! Physiotherapy is there to assist in excluding serious pathology, and help people to get back to activities that are important to them, learning how to incorporate activity even when suffering from pain. The combination of manual therapy and exercises can be a very powerful tool!

Let’s start the journey together.

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